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Why Should You Join AACA?

Why should you join AACA?

When cars are your passion, the real joy is talking cars with other car lovers.

The truth is you don’t join AACA for the cars.  You join it for the PEOPLE.

  • If a 1979 Tenth Anniversary Trans Am resto is fascinating to you, follow that online forum thread and chime in with suggestions of your own.
  • If you want to get out and exercise your car, we have tours where you can enjoy the open road during the day and talk with other tour drivers at night.
  • If you need a specific part for your 1953 Pontiac Chieftain, come to our big swap meet and talk shop with a dozen other proud Chieftain owners.
  • If you need a 1963 Studebaker Wagonaire auto manual, call the AACA Library & Research Center and chat with our knowledgeable librarians.

Join AACA today!

Annual membership is just $45

The bottom line is, you’ve spent your whole life quietly feeding your passion for cars.  The one thing you’ve been missing is the camaraderie.  That’s what AACA is all about!  We are 55,000 members strong, and every last one of us can’t wait to talk cars with you.  Flip through our one-of-a-kind magazine…scroll through our extensive online forums…wander through our spectacular car shows…tap into our incomparable library.  You’ll connect with car people at every turn.  And we all know that car people are the NICEST people.